About Suhcare!

Suhcare Company LtdĀ  is into the production, processing and sale of Handcrafted Shea Butter and Shea Butter based cosmetics. Suhcare Ltd is a registered Limited Liability company located in the Tamale Municipality in the Northern Region of Ghana. Our products have been analyzed and has received certification from the Standards Board Lab and the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana respectively.

Since we began in 2014 we have helped improve the livelihood of many women who form the majority of people in the shea sector. Today, we boast of specialized shea butter products for the hair, skin and lips with various attractive fragrances.

Our Vision: Suhcare focuses on creating and placing on the market high quality handcrafted shea butter and a range of natural skin and hair care products using Shea Butter as the main ingredient.

Our aspiration is that as demand for value-added products increases, the incomes and subsequent standard of living of producers of handcrafted butter (mostly rural women) will greatly improve.